Quality Assurance

Howard & Co. understands the criticality of a robust Government coordination process. We tirelessly pursue customer satisfaction and employ an evolved, multifaceted approach to management and execution which ensures consistent quality results. With virtually zero turnover among our staff in the last three years we have been the stability that our customers have needed in the wake of reorganizations, management changes, and contract re-competes.

The Howard & Co. team utilizes proven tools, systems and processes to ensure that task performance meets all customer requirements and expectations from technical, cost and schedule perspectives. We also utilize a standard risk management process to identify, analyze, track, control, communicate and document all issues and to ensure that they are resolved fully and that customer objectives are achieved. The key to problem resolution is communication and our program director has proven his ability to work with his team and his customers to foster an environment of communication, trust, and understanding.

The Howard & Co. team excels at:

  • Working closely with our client to fully understand and meet the Scope of Work.
  • Using statistical techniques to measure and track adherence to client requirements.
  • Addressing problems and issues on a timely basis.
  • Developing and maintaining uniform and accurate document control.
  • Identify and document areas for increased productivity, accuracy, and accountability.
  • Giving early emphasis to the development of a Risk Management Plan.
  • Maintaining a well-trained workforce.
  • Diagnosing and implementing corrective and preventive actions.