GRID – Processing Network Management Data

The Problem

          Customer processing of network management data take 23+ hours to complete for a 24 hour daya of collection. Any processing disruption results in run times exceeding 24 hours and results in full data sets being lost.

Situation Assessment

  • Long processing times caused by numerous serial CPU-intensive processes.
  • Occasional data errors not properly handled, causing processing to ‘hang’ and causing processing to exceed the critical 24-hour window.
  • No capacity to add additional network management data sets of interest.

Our Solution

  • Re-engineer serial processes into 43 parallel routines that run independently of each other.
  • Partitioning means that, in the now-unlikely event of a stalled process, only that small data set is affected.
  • Add fault detection and handling to significantly reduce the possibility of stalled processes.
  • Implementation uses low-cost, open-source, high-throughput processing GRID running on hardened LINUX OS and X86 blade hardware.


  • Problem of dropped data sets completely eliminated.
  • Solution processes 15x the amount of data in 1/12 the time – an almost 200x efficiency improvement.
  • Solution is economically scalable and inherently less expensive to maintain.
  • Data collection can be expanded to additional network elements with existing solution.